It’s a permissible truth that the UK rental market doesn’t stay still for very long. BTR (Built To Rent), in particular, is part of a surge towards tailored living solutions, representing the best qualities of a long-term tenancy.

This progression relies on knowing what those qualities are – how people get enjoyment and security from their life. BTR is experiencing rapid interest in whatever form it can take; decoding these trends is central to maximising rental yields.

Below are the main patterns we’ll start to see in BTR schemes for 2018…Tech-based apartments

It’s no surprise that smart technology is becoming ever more commonplace. In 2016, a quarter of UK consumers reported owning a smart home device. That figure has grown, and will continue to do so as voice commands for heating, lighting, music and utilities establish themselves as the rule, instead of the exception.

Integrating these features where you can, for higher-end apartment blocks, is going to be a ticket to huge rental interest. Other, lower budget builds can cater for the tech-heavy resident in their own ways, such as ensuring cabling facilitates fast connectivity throughout the building.

Healthy living

The health and fitness sector is bigger than ever. One in every seven people are members of a gym, whilst 272 new fitness facilities were opened in 2017 (up from 224 the previous year). Clearly, any BTR development that manages to include an on-site workout space, sauna, pool or yoga room will tap into this ‘clean living’ appetite.

The same might be said for dietary trends – the British populace, by and large, are paying far more attention to what they eat compared to previous decades. A bright, well-designed cooking area will appeal to healthy eaters. Within it, you might look at adding appliances, such as steam ovens, that adapt to modern eating patterns.

Satisfying the urge for community

As a counterpoint to lonely, segregated rental blocks – those typified by the spike in urban living, where communal values have been eroded over time – BTR will embrace a sense of ‘coming together’ for its future residents. This can run from wide, open cafeteria and foyer designs to the presence of rooftop terraces, where people can sit, talk and wind down as a group.

The furniture associated with these environments must be tough, aesthetically rich, easy to maintain and (for outdoor areas) proofed against bad weather. We’re also seeing a move to dress hallways in creative, inspiring artwork, so tenants won’t mind lingering between one flat and another, encouraging further social discussion.

Whatever comes, we can be safe in the idea of a new way of thinking for property developments across the country. Personalised builds are going to become the norm, staying on the moving edge of our tastes, attitudes and leisure pursuits. Twenty Twenty Living is leading the way where furnishing is concerned – our catalogue is more than able to fit the visual and physical direction any structure may be asking for.

Call us for more insights on BTR as we move into this exciting phase of UK rental development.