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For 28 years, Cannes has played host to a prestigious event – one that brings property players together from all over the globe. MIPIM – the world’s largest property showcase – is a key indicator for what we’re going to experience in the residential market, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

2018 is no exception: MIPIM is scheduled for the 13-16th March. The speakers have been announced, but what are the hot topics likely to be this Spring? We investigate…

Debate over the Brexit fallout

There’s no end, seemingly, to speculation on what may or may not happen when Great Britain leaves the EU in March 2019. As we enter the 12-month countdown, MIPIM will seek to clarify how Brexit may help or hinder investment from overseas. We expect the latest forecasts and research to be analysed as industry players predict how this will play out.

The value of community

With increasing numbers of people choosing to live in urban areas, speakers are likely to talk about the appeal of community – both in and around residential projects of the future. Everything from bars, restaurants, café retreats and health & fitness will be scrutinised for what the lettings market is looking for. IIO IIO Living predict some curveballs too from innovative community groups.

Design for living

BTR (Built-to-Rent) schemes are exploding in popularity as developers seek to create better, tailored spaces that will result in higher retention rates. Anticipating this, MIPIM will address how a focus on design with the demographic in mind can direct the strength of great accommodation.

Technology integration

Smart cities are on the horizon. But how does this affect UK property? The conference is set to take a closer look at technology. Likely topics include performance measuring, super-fast wi-fi, screening systems and the use of 3D printing for structural prototypes. Other, more ancillary issues may take the form of driverless cars: just one example of tech that is influencing how we’ll live in the coming decade.

The needs of senior citizens

The global influx of urban residency isn’t consigned to young workers and families. Older people will be making their own mark on the rental landscape. When they do, how might it diversify accommodation facilities? MIPIM is set to examine details such as mobility, ease-of-access and stylistic décor tastes.

Staying abreast of trends is essential in the private rental sector. When events like MIPIM hit the calendar, it’s a prime opportunity to assess where the market is heading, and how aspects such as furnishing can fit into the equation.

With this in mind, IIO IIO will be launching the third edition of our hallmark magazine, A New PRSpective, in time for MIPIM.

It’s a permissible truth that the UK rental market doesn’t stay still for very long. BTR (Built To Rent), in particular, is part of a surge towards tailored living solutions, representing the best qualities of a long-term tenancy.

This progression relies on knowing what those qualities are – how people get enjoyment and security from their life. BTR is experiencing rapid interest in whatever form it can take; decoding these trends is central to maximising rental yields.

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The landscape of the fast-developing Build to Rent market is now truly beginning to reveal itself and, done well, it is our belief that it holds nothing but good news for investors and tenants alike.

Success in this emerging asset class relies upon careful consideration and planning; a process that starts at the very outset when choosing a location, and runs throughout the entire design and implementation of a new development.

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